Bingo Calls (Part 2)

Bingo calls have been around for nearly 4 decades.  These calls are called in a variety of ways and it mainly depends on who the person is calling the bingo numbers.  You may find some callers only doing numbers while others will say the number first and then the bingo call phrase. 

Here are some commonly used bingo calls for Numbers 31-60:

31. Get up and run- meaning unknown

32. Buckle my shoes- Nursery rhyme that discussed makers of shoe laces somewhere between the 16th and 18th century.

33. SherwoodForest- The place where Robin Hood lived.  Rhyme of threes and trees.

34.  Ask for more- Line said in the movie Oliver.

35.  Jump and jive- Classic, popular Boogie style of dance done on the dance floor.

36.  Three dozens- There are 12 items in a dozen so three dozen is 36 items.

37. A flea in heaven- A mixture of two famous bingo calls:  flea for the number three and seventh heaven for the number seven.

38. Christmas cake- A cake that is sometimes used all throughout the year.

39. All the steps- Taken from the book and eventual movie about espionage called The 39 Steps.

40. Blind 40- This bingo call indicates to bingo players that the number is merely 40 with nothing after it.

41. Life’s begun- There is a popular saying that life begins at 40 so that means at 41, life has begun.

42. That famous street in Manhattan- This street is more commonly known as 42nd Street.

43. Down on your knees- This was a phrase that was made popular during wartime by soldiers.

44. Droopy drawers- Droopy drawers are also known as baggy trousers.

45. Halfway there- Half of the number 90 is the number 45.

46. Up to tricks- This indicates someone who is up to no good or being mischievous.

47. Four and seven- Refers to the two numbers that make up 47.

48. Four dozen- Since there are 12 items in a dozen, there are 48 items in four dozen.

49. PC- This comes from the popular radio shows in the 40’s called PC 49.

50. Bull’s eye- In a game of darts, a player is awarded 50 points for a bull’s eye.

51. The Highland Div- The Highland Division was famous throughout WWII for its members being not only brave but combat smart as well.

52. Danny La Rue- Danny was hugely famous back in the day for being a British drag queen.

53. Here comes Herbie- The famous VW Beetle known as Herbie has the racing number of 53 on its car.

54. House of Bamboo- This is the title of a song made popular by Andy Williams.  The lyrics talk about the number 54 as being on the house with the door made of bamboo.

55. Bunch of fives- An expression in boxing back in the day that meant making a fist.

56. Was she worth it- Many years ago, this was the price you paid to get a marriage license in the UK.

57. Heinz varieties- When Heinz products first hit store shelves, there were 57 varieties listed on the labels of its products.

58. Choo Choo Thomas- Unsure of the origin of this bingo call.

59. Brighton Line- Famous bus line in the UK was bus 59.

60. Blind 60- A popular call out meaning it is just the number 60 with nothing after it.

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Gordon has been playing online bingo for over a decade and is a keen bonus hunter, seeking out the best offers for players around the globe. He has written for a number of popular online publications and enjoys brining his experience to other players to help them get the most from their bingo playing experience. You can reach him by sending an email to

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