30 Ball Bingo is the Most Popular Speed Bingo Game

Avid bingo players are always going to have access to the types of bingo games they enjoy playing online, make no mistake about that! However, there are often going to be a range of bingo game variants that you will come across online that are not available anywhere else.

Take for example the game of 30 ball bingo, that is one of the much more recently launched bingo games that quite a number of sites now have available, but it may be a variant you have never played before or even seen before and if so then please do read on to discover the benefits, if there are any of playing it.

Thirty ball bingo is classified as a speed bingo game, and as the name does suggest it is a bingo game that is played at a much faster pace of knots than most if not all other variants, in fact players do enjoy playing it is they can rattle through a huge number of games in a short space of time.

That way you can play off such many games in a small amount of time will of course be handy to you if for example you only have a small limited amount of time to play bingo but want the maximum number of chances of winning when you set about doing so.

Just be aware though that not all bingo sites or bingo apps have this variant available, so you will have to make a point of actively seeking out the ones that do, if you do fancy giving it a try online or on any type of touch screen enabled mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone.

How 30 Ball Bingo is Designed

The ticket prices for 30 ball bingo can and will vary dependent on just where you choose to play, and as such you will always find somewhere that does offer this variant giving you a range of different staking options, so keep that in mind, as it needn’t be an expensive game to play.

Now, the card itself has just 9 number sprinted upon it, and they are presents in a 3 x 3 grid like formation, and there are of course 30 bingo balls that are going to be in play, those being the numbers 1 through to and including the number 30.

There are no free squares on offer on this game, and it will be the first player that dabs off all 9 numbers on any of their cards that they have purchased that will be the winner of each game, if one or more players does manage to call bingo on the same number, they will share the prize on that game.

Auto Dab and Auto Claim

Much like when you set about playing any bingo game variants online or on a mobile device via a bingo app, the software does dab off each number on all of your purchased cards for you, which means even if you do get distracted when playing you will never miss out on a number being called out.

You will also find that as soon as you have a winning card the software will call bingo for you, and stop the game automatically, so unlike when you are in a land based bingo hall, when playing 30 ball bingo there is never any chance of you missing out on your winnings!

Buying 30 Ball Bingo Cards

Top play 30 ball bingo you will need to click on the bingo room in any bingo site you are logged into and enter that room.

Before the next game starts you are going to be able to purchase as many bingo cards as the game play rules will allow, keep in mind that the more cards you do buy the more chances you will have then of winning the next game!

One very hard feature that some bingo sites and some bingo apps have on offer is the pre-buy feature, and that will allow you to buy cards for games that are being played later in the day, such as jackpot games and the like.

By you pre-buying cards for those games you then have the chance of winning the cash prizes on offer later on in the day even if you are not online to watch them being played, so do consider pre-buying tickets for those games for you will never know when you luck will be in!

Pros and Cons of Playing 30 Ball Bingo

There are of course pros and cons of playing 30 ball bingo, much like there are when playing any of the many other variants that you will come across, and with that in mind allow me to present to you some of those pros and cons, to allow you to make up your own mind as to whether you will enjoy playing that variant of bingo.

The way that these games have been designed is that they are played in a rapid-fire fashion, so whilst you could win lots of games in a short space of time, if your luck is not in the opposite could occur, so you could lose much quicker playing this variant that you would playing any of the much more standard bingo game variants.

The cash prizes that are going to be up for grabs on 30 ball bingo games are rarely as high as they are on other bingo games, so you will rarely have the chance of ever of winning a life changing jackpot when playing that variant online or on a mobile device.

Not all bingo sites are going to have this type of bingo game listed in their bingo room menu, and as such you may have to spend a little bit of time tracking down a site that does, so keep that in mind fi you ever do fancy trying your luck on this game, but at the end of the day each game is random so you could of course win at any time when playing it!

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David writes for numerous online gambling publications and is always on top of the latest breaking news for the gambling industry. Having played online bingo for a number of years he has a serious depth of knowledge which helps him to provide the best information to players. You can contact him by sending an email to david@thebingoblogger.com.

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