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The website is one that uses cookies, and as such each time you pay this site a visit our server is going to place onto your device a cookie, and will update any previous cookie that has been placed onto your device from our server.

Therefore, to give you clear and full insight into what cookies are and why we have chosen to use them through this website, presented below is our cookie policy for

Additionally, you are advised and required to also read through our additional terms and conditions section of the website and our privacy policies too.

Failing to accept cookies will still give you access to this website. However, certain parts of the site may not work in the way that they have been designed to do so. You can however remove any cookie placed onto your device by our server, and below we will enlighten you on how to do so.

What are Cookies?

You are bound to have some questions if you have never heard or come across cookies before, and as such allow me to first give you an insight into just what cookies are.

A cookie is a text file that is going to be downloaded onto your device whenever you visit this website and choose to make use of it, and by doing so we are then going to be able to monitor a user’s movements throughout this website.

That allows us nothing more than to see just which areas of this website are getting the most traffic, and in turn that then allows us to plan additional content that our users appear to be searching out and making use of the most.

Whenever you visit this website more than once, you will notice that we will then go on to present to you articles, posts and reviews similar to the ones that you have previously shown an interest in viewing and have visited previously.

Also, if you are given the opportunity of leaving feedback or comments on any of the articles on the website, then the cookie placed onto your device will make it easier to do so once you have registered to use this website and leave comments or feedback.

Due to the way we have designed this website, many sections are cookie critical, meaning that as long as you leave the cookie we have placed onto your device in place, and haven’t decided to delete them all sections of the website will work correctly, and that in turn will allow you to have an enjoyable visit to this website.

Why We Use Cookies

It is purely for statistical purposes that we have chosen to use cookies on this website, for due to the nature of the content found on this website coupled with the information that users of this website are seeking out, it is important that we know what information users of this site are ever eager to locate and make use of.

Cookies, when placed onto your device, whether that be your computer, laptop or any type of mobile device with a web browser attached are going to enable our website visitors to seamlessly move around this website too.

As you will also discover when perusing this website we have showcased to our website visitors a range of third party sites, some of which offer a range of bingo related games, and there will also be some exclusive promotional offers available from those bingo and gaming sites too.

Whenever you chose to click through to any third party site using our links a cookie will be placed as an identifier onto your device, and as such any exclusive promotional offers showcased throughout this website will then be made available to you once you arrive at those third party websites.

You do however also need to be aware that each third party website will have their own unique cookie polices in place on their respective websites so you are advised to read them though in much the same way you have just read through our cookie policy.

Removing Cookies

As there are so many different website browsers in use these days, there is no standard way to remove cookies from all devices in the same way, and as such what is recommended if you wish to remove the cookie we have placed onto your device is to follow the instructions given on your chosen web browser help files.

But as mentioned above, you are advised to leave the cookie in place that is placed onto your device when visiting our website as that way you will have the very best experience possible.

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