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The top priority here at is that we do everything in our power to protect your right to privacy when visiting this website, As such this privacy policy is going to enlighten you on what we collect by way of your information each time you visit this site.

The is a bingo news and information website, and by paying it a visit you give us your consent to collect the following information and use it in the way described below, and by continuing to use this website that will be taken as you being in agreement with the following privacy policy too.

Obviously there may be the requirement and/or need to change, amend or update this privacy policy from time to time, and therefore it is important that you do check back and familiarize yourself with it each time you revisit this website too.

How We May Collect Your Personal Information

When interacting with this website, such as when you take part in any surveys or enter any competitions of contests, of if you decide to leave any comments, posts or feedback we will collect some information about you when you do so.

That could be your name, your email address and some other personal identifiers too, therefore please do be aware of that fact if you do indeed interact with this site in any of the ways that have been described above.

How We Could Use Your Personal Information

There are serval reasons as to why we do collect your personal information when you visit this website, and the main one is that we want to ensure this site is going to give you direct access to the exact type of information that you are seeking.

By collecting certain information form our users that also enables out team of writers to plan just what additional articles, posts and reviews to make available on this website.

Be aware though, that at no point in time are we ever going to sell on, rent out or lease your private and personal information to any third party, the only exception to that rule is if we have been requested to do so by law.

We also use the highest levels of security protocols to protect any information that you have supplied to use about yourself, and as such your personal information is stored in our data banks and storage systems using the very highest levels of security at all times.

The Use of Cookies on This Website

We do also use cookies on the website, which is a small text files which is going to be placed onto your hard drive by our website, each time you visit this website.

That cookie is not going to be able to run any programs on your computer and it does not send out viruses to your computer, as it is only a small file that our web server can read and lets that web server known that you have visited this website previously.

The reason we have chosen to use cookies much like millions of other websites the world over also do, is that it allows us to then monitor our website visitors whereabouts, and see where they are from in the world and when they have visited this website along with the pages and sections of this website they visited too.

That information is valuable to us and it then allows us to see just which sections of our website are getting the most traffic, and therefore plan additional content around the pages and their respective topics that do get the most traffic.

You can of course remove our cookie at any time, but by doing so be aware that certain parts of this website may not operate in the way they have been designed if you remove the cookie or you do not accept cookies when visiting this website.

Links to Third Party Websites

As you take a look around the, you may notice that we have links throughout the site that will take you over to other websites, and we insert those links as we feel those third party websites may contain information or provide you with services that are going to be of interest to you.

However, as they are not owned or operated by us, please do be aware that we have no control over how they protect any personal information you may supply to them when using their website and/or their services, nor do we have any control over how they collect that information or on the content and services offered by those sites either.

Therefore, you are strongly advised when you do lick through to any other site using those links to read through their respective privacy policies, their terms and conditions and their cookie policies too.

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. more information

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