Configuring Bingo Software for the Ultimate Playing Session

I want you to have a very enjoyable online bingo playing experience, when you set about playing online, and with that in mind I have put together the following guide that is going to be giving you an insight and overview of the player adjustable option settings that most bingo site software platforms will be offering you.

Whilst it is of course important that you select a site that is going to be offering you the range of bingo games that you enjoy playing the most, by actively making a point of playing around with the option settings, that will increase your playing pleasure.

So please do read on and follow this step by step guide, for whilst I cannot make any guarantees that you will win when playing bingo online, I can certainly help you have a fun and very enjoyable time when you set about doing so!

Dabber Images

As you are about to find out, bingo sites really are technically advanced these days, and that in turns means that you can have your own unique and entertaining bingo playing sessions no matter where you choose to play.

The first option setting that you may or may not fancy making use of is regarding the dabber images, the software will dab off your numbers on any bingo cards you have purchased as soon as they are drawn out of the bingo machine and called out by the cyber bingo caller, however you will be able to pick the image displayed on top of those numbers as they are dabbed off if you like!

Player Emoticons

You can completely tailor your own unique playing sessions at several different bingo sites these days, and one way you can do just that is by choosing and even unloading at some sites your own player emoticon.

Keep in mind that as you may also be using the chat room attached to most bingo sites, then an emoticon related to your mood, frame of mind or even your personality will help other players identify you, and it could add another level of entertainment to your bingo playing sessions.

Side Game Settings

All bingo sites these days are going to have a range of side games on offer to players, those games can and often do includes slot machines, roulette games and even scratch cards too.

If you are playing bingo and you do ever fancy playing those games when playing bingo, simply look at the option settings that are available to you on those side games, and sometimes you can have them displayed anywhere you find appealing on the screen.

Bingo Card Display Options

One other handy option setting that I guarantee that most players will want to have turned on and activated is the card display one, for by making use of that setting, if you have purchased a large number of bingo cards for any games, you can have the cards displayed in any way you like.

The one way that players do tend to like having them displayed is in such a way that the cards that have the most numbers dabbed off on them, and may be about to win, located first in the order that they are displayed.

That you players will always know just which numbers they need to complete the winning pattern and can of course will them to be called out!

Sound and Screen Size

Two of the most basic bingo site and bingo room settings that will be available to you no matter where you choose to play bingo online, are the sound settings and the screen size settings too.

Whilst some people will have happy to have the sound effects witched on, so that they can hear the numbers being called out as they roll out of the bingo machine, there is always the option to turn them off.

You can also play around with the actual screen site of the bingo site and bingo rooms you are playing in, which is handy to know if you are doing other things online, other than just playing bingo!

Pre-Buy Option Settings

Rather than you having to set aside time to play in the big money jackpot bingo games that all bingo sites have available in their daily bingo schedules, there is a way that you can take part in them without having to be online or even logged into your bingo site accounts.

That is by you making use of the pre-buy option settings, what they will allow you to do is to purchase tickets for any upcoming jackpot bingo games long before those bingo games are scheduled to start.

As the software will dab off all numbers called out of the bingo machine for your automatically and if you win it will also call bingo for you, then you can buy your bingo cards, safe in the knowledge that you will be playing in those bingo games even though you could be out and about doing other things, and any winnings will be waiting for you when you next log into your bingo site account.

Gambling Limit Settings

One final thing I do want to draw your attention to when you do play bingo online for real money, is that much like all other forms of gambling, there is always going to be the very real risk that you could lose.

Therefore, if you want to completely negate the risks of your spending more than you intended to, by for example continually depositing into a bingo site, simply make use of the gambling limit option settings all licensed and regulated bingo sites offer their customers.

When you do so you can put into place a deposit limit of your own choosing and often also set the amount of time you want to play bingo for and a loss limit too. One your limit has been reached you will not be able to deposit, play or continue playing until the time limit you selected has expired.

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Gordon has been playing online bingo for over a decade and is a keen bonus hunter, seeking out the best offers for players around the globe. He has written for a number of popular online publications and enjoys brining his experience to other players to help them get the most from their bingo playing experience. You can reach him by sending an email to

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