How to Win More Often Playing Bingo

Now you will, of course, be aware that bingo is a game of chance, and when playing you will be hoping that the cards or tickets you purchase will be winning ones.

But you are always at the mercy of the bingo ball machine when playing in a bingo club or hall or the random number generator when playing online or via a mobile bingo app, as to whether you are going to have a winning session.

However, there are many ways that you can increase your winning chances when playing bingo, and in the following guide I am going to be revealing the many ways that savvy bingo players do just that!

Choosing When to Play Bingo

Timing just when you set about playing bingo in any playing environment is important, for with for example many bingo sites offering guaranteed cash prizes in their bingo rooms it doesn’t matter when you choose to play in those rooms you have a set-in stone number of guaranteed cash prizes on offer.

It will always be the number of tickets sold that are ultimately going to affect your chances of winning a bingo game, if just a small number of tickets have been sold then your winning chances will increase.

If, however you choose to play bingo at a busy time of the day when there are lots of players logged into the bingo site and bingo room you are playing at and in, then your chances of winning will decrease.

So, consider playing bingo at the quieter times of the day or night, as that way you will have more chance of winning, much more so if you increase the number of cards that you have purchased during those quitter times.

If you are the type of player that prefers playing bingo in a land-based bingo venue, keep in mind that in places such as Nevada in the U.S there are plenty of 24 hours a day bingo halls and rooms available.

I have seen just how quiet those venues are in the early hours of the day, and as such if you are an early bird that is when you should be paying those venues a visit, to increase your chances of winning.


Utilizing Bingo Bonuses Optimally

Make no mistake about it, as someone that does set about playing bingo online, you are going to be offered a nonstop and very steady stream of bingo bonuses.

Those bonuses are of course going to be on offer to you when you first sign up as a new customer, and ongoing bonuses could be available on every single deposit you make into some bingo sites too.

The only realistic way you are going to increase your chances of winning when playing bingo with bonus credits, is by your religiously reading through each of the terms and conditions attached to any bonuses that you are thinking of making use of.

What makes a bonus worth claiming is if it comes with a low and reasonable set of play through requirements, the bonus credits can be used on any bingo games you want to play and not just a small number of bingo games, and if there are no maximum cash out limits in place when utilizing  bonus credits too.

By claiming for example, a high valued deposit match bingo bonus, and then using your bonus credits as mentioned above when the bingo sites are at their quietist, you will then naturally increase your chances of winning when using such bonus funds.

Consider Playing Bingo Chat Games


You are certainly going to go on an exciting learning curve when you set about playing bingo online, for you are going to come across a huge and very varied array of different bingo games, many of which you may never have seen or played before.

One type of bingo game that I do know appeals to a large number of players, are Bingo Chat games, and the way they have been designed is as standard bingo games that you play in the normal way, however players are required to be logged into the bingo sites chat room as those games are being played.

By doing so they can then take part, and at no additional or extra cost, in a range of side competitions, on which they will be offered and array of extra prizes over and above what the bingo game itself has attached to it.

The side competitions can and do take many different forms, however it is via the chat room itself that you will be claiming such prizes, hence you having to be logged into it.

As all bingo sites have a software platform that is going to be checking off and dabbing any tickets you have purchased, and calling bingo for you if you win, then you will never be distracted via the chat room and the competitions being held in it, and with some luck you could of course win all manner of additional prizes when taking part in Bingo Chat games, so make sure you give them a try soon.

Playing Multi-Prize Paying Bingo Games

One final thing to keep in mind is that some bingo games will only be offering you one single cash prize, and some bingo games for example 90 ball bingo do offer players the chance of winning three cash prizes instead.

Obviously, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that when playing for example 90 ball bingo you are going to have three times the number of chances of winning that you ever would playing a variant on which there is just one single cash prize up for grabs.

With that in mind always make a point of taking a look through the bingo game schedule on offer at any bingo site, and seeing just how each game has been structured and put together and just how many cash prizes are on offer to you, and play the games which do offer more than one prize per game played.

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David writes for numerous online gambling publications and is always on top of the latest breaking news for the gambling industry. Having played online bingo for a number of years he has a serious depth of knowledge which helps him to provide the best information to players. You can contact him by sending an email to

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