Online Bingo: More Than a Mere Trend

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Upon switching to digital platforms in 1996, online bingo has become a real favourite among gamers over the last few decades. Importantly, in recent times, the numbers-based game has been able to reinvent itself in seeking to capture the interests of the wider gaming community. So, let’s take a look at how online bingo has managed to establish itself as far more than just a mere trend within the online casino industry.  

How Does it Compare to Other Aspects of the Industry?  

In order to assess the long-term capabilities and popularity of online bingo, it’s beneficial to analyse the game, which many believe started in the 15th century, alongside other elements of the online gambling industry. Given that several digital variants of traditional in-house casino games have taken the online gambling world by storm, this provides something of an insight concerning the potential longevity of the highly-popular numbers game.  

Crucially, across a wide array of different casino titles, the rise of digitalisation has enabled for the modernisation of their formats. In turn, this has resulted in more forward-thinking developments being made available to prospective players, allowing diverse aspects of the iGaming industry to reach new, unprecedented heights. Fundamentally, this digital evolution is pivotal to maintaining the long-term popularity of bingo, with the game’s in-house format suffering a decline in recent years, according to a report by the Liverpool Echo.  

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Importantly, adopting a digital approach has proven to be successful for a whole host of diverse casino games within modern-day society, such as slots. For example, contemporary operators, such as Sky Casino, provide their players with the latest online slots, including those developed by Microgaming and NetEnt. Unlike machine alternatives, the bonus features, reel variation, and themed titles that are integrated into online slots offer a more unique experience than their in-house counterparts. Because of this, online slots have also established themselves as far more than just a new trend, with Scuderia Fans stating that, in 2016, the sector accounted for 30 percent of the online gaming industry’s total revenue.  

Why Online Bingo Can Last the Test of Time 

As mentioned above, the emergence of digital platforms has enabled traditional aspects of the gambling industry to adopt user-friendly styles. At the time of writing, there can be no doubts that this has proved pivotal to generating the foundations for online slots to enjoy sustained long-term growth and success. Crucially, it’s because of these very reasons that online bingo is also well placed to enjoy longevity at online operators.  

Much like slots, there is now heightened variation available for online players regarding bingo format. Currently, there are numerous types of online bingo, ranging from 75-ball and 90-ball to joker bingo and Slingo. The fast-paced nature of online bingo, combined with the ever-growing choice regarding game variation, ensures that the numbers-based option recaptures the underlying appeal that initially made it successful.  


Furthermore, in addition to refined focuses on game formats, the emergence of Slingo is undeniably beneficial to the long-term growth of online bingo. Fundamentally, in combining bingo with slots, the newly-developed digital option intertwines the most enjoyable aspects of both games, thus widening its attraction among each title’s respective core audience base. This forward-thinking approach is hardly surprising given that increasing numbers of bingo start-ups are gearing up for long-term expansion

Scope to Grow Further 

Ultimately, while it remains to be seen whether online bingo can surpass the popularity of traditional casino games, there can be no doubts that the numbers-based game is thriving on digital platforms. In taking inspiration from the formats and core elements of slots, which have enjoyed immense success online, it appears clear that web-based bingo has developed into a widely admired aspect of the online gambling industry that is set for long-term growth.

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