Everything You Need to Know About Bingo Chat Lingo

When you’re playing bingo online, chat rooms are really where all of the action is. You can talk with other players as the game is going on for a little added excitement, making online bingo a fun and social activity that draws players in and keeps them coming back for more.

The world of bingo chat rooms has its own special language, full of acronyms and abbreviations. You don’t want to miss a thing when you’re playing, so it’s important that you know how to communicate effectively with other players. Here’s a list of the most common bingo chat phrases:


Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. In these situations, you can easily convey actions using some quick shortcuts. Stars and angle brackets can be used interchangeably.

((Player Name)) – Hugging a player

*G* – Giggling or grinning

*H* – Sending a hug

*K* – Sending a kiss

*S* – Smiling

*W* – Winking

<bs> – big smile

<eg> – evil grin

<g> – grins

<s> – smiles

<vbs> – very big smile

<wg> – wicked grin

Phrases You May Have Seen Before

There is plenty of bingo lingo that you’re likely to have encountered elsewhere on the web. You’ve probably used these terms before when chatting on general forums or in private messages with friends – but, here’s a quick refresher:

aka – also known as

asap – as soon as possible

bbl/s – be back later/soon

brb – be right back

btw – by the way

lmao – laughing my ass off

lol – laughing out loud

np no problem

omg – oh my god

rofl – rolling on the floor laughing

ttyl – talk to you later

ty – thank you

Bingo Specific Phrases

There are a few phrases that you’ll only come across in online bingo chat rooms. These refer to the game itself, some making it easier for players to follow along while others are simply a way for players to chat about what’s going on in the game.

1tg – one to go

2tg – two to go

3tg – three to go

BLNT – better luck next time

GG – good game

RTQ – read the FAQ

How to Use the Bingo Chat Room

If you’ve ever been in an online chat room before, a bingo chat room will look pretty similar. There are just a few small features that set bingo rooms apart.

The first thing that you should be aware of is the box to the right of the screen that shows the players’ names. The host or moderator’s name is sometimes coloured differently, so you’ll be able to keep an eye out for important messages or trivia questions.

You can also send gifts to other players, which is a nice little touch. Most online bingo rooms will offer up a number of paid and free gifts that you can send to other players just for some added fun.

Bingo Chat Etiquette


If you want to take part in online bingo chat rooms, there are some rules that you have to abide by. Not sticking to the rules could result in you being banned, so ensure that you’re aware of the right way to go about things when chatting.

Players should be respectful at all times, and their language should reflect this. As such, swearing is not allowing and players should not insult each other. Players are also discouraged from gossiping about others, especially when they are not present in the room. You should also avoid asking other players for loans or monetary gifts.

While it’s not necessary, you should congratulate other players on their wins to be polite and foster a sense of community. The same goes for welcoming new players in the chat.

Take Part in Bingo Chat Games

The chatroom isn’t only for having a chinwag with your fellow players; it also offers up its own games for players to take part in. Bingo chat games are trivia-style games where the moderator asks questions, and the players who answer correctly receive prizes. There are several types of bingo chat games, such as:

Karaoke Trivia: the host will post the start of song lyrics and the player who either finishes the lyric or names the singer will win a prize

History Trivia: the host will name a number of events or inventions and the player to name to correct era wins

General Trivia: the host asks questions about films, music, sports pop culture, technology or any other number of topics and the players with the correct answers win.

Prizes can also be allocated in a number of ways, as there are some situations where it’s not only the player who answers correctly that will win the prize. For example, Up-Down Buddy prizes will award the players who are listed above and below you with a prize while Alphabet Buddy prizes will go to all players who have usernames starting with the same letter.

Bingo as a Social Activity

Whether you play bingo online or in brick-and-mortar venues, the game is incredibly social. You’re very likely to make lots of new friends in either setting, but online bingo does allow for more interaction between players.

When you’re playing bingo in a land-based hall, it has to be very quiet during the game so you can hear the caller. Players are likely paying attention to several cards, so they have to concentrate, which means that you won’t get much chatting in during this time.

Online bingo is a completely different story. There’s no need to really concentrate on the game itself, as you can clearly see everything happening right in front of you on your screen. Your cards are also marked off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about missing any numbers if you’re busy chatting to your friends.

You don’t want to miss out on all of the great conversations going on in your bingo chat room. So, don’t be afraid to get involved!

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