Huge Bingo Wins

Bingo is a very popular game that people have been playing for centuries. As popular as it is in the United States it is even more popular in the U.K. This could be, in part, because people have won such a large amount of money playing it.

A factory worker living in the U.K. named John Orchard won a whopping 5.9 million pounds. Mr. Orchard wagered 30 pence the Dark Knight slot machine game. As a result of winning this jackpot, Mr. Orchard traded in his current car, a Renault Clio car in favor of a Jaguar worth 40,000 pounds. Once it sunk in how much he had won, Mr. Orchard promptly retired from his factory.

Mr. Orchard’s winnings beat the previous record, which was held by a man known simply as Georgios’. The 36 year old resident of Greece won 5.1 million pounds at the Riverbelle Casino, which is an online casino for players in the U.K.

Prior to Georgios’s winnings U.K. resident Soraya Lowell. Ms. Lowell won 1.2 milion pounds. Ms. Lowell then shared her winnings with her neighbor and bingo partner, who also happened to be elderly and in poor health.

The Castle Club was the site of a huge winning by 53 year old Christine Bradfield. She won over 1.1 million pounds in the Castle Club’s Bingo game. This jackpot was being played at 470 different clubs throughout the U.K. There is talk of Ms. Bradfield’s winning being the biggest Bingo winning in the world. Ms. Bradfield shared her winnings with her husband’s sister. She did this because her sister-in-law had always been her bingo partner. She even kept her job despite winning enough money to quit.

The first person ever to become a millionaire from Bingo winnings was a 42 year old Scottish woman who had lost her job just three weeks before winning millions. All of the people who have won such a large amount of money playing Bingo have done so by playing the progressive games.

These Bingo winnings all served to change the lives of those who were lucky enough to get the right numbers at the right time. This popular game has brought joy to people all over the U.K. and throughout the rest of the world as well. It will likely continue to grow in popularity due to the attention received from the media by those who have won big.

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Gordon has been playing online bingo for over a decade and is a keen bonus hunter, seeking out the best offers for players around the globe. He has written for a number of popular online publications and enjoys brining his experience to other players to help them get the most from their bingo playing experience. You can reach him by sending an email to

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