The Difference Between 75 Ball and 95 Ball Bingo

The only difference between 75 ball and 95 ball Bingo is that 75 is the U.S. version and 95 is the U.K. version. This means Bingo games can last longer in U.K. than in the U.S. Various regions have slightly different variations on Bingo. The U.K. does it differently than the U.S. does and Canada does it different than both of them.

The 90 ball system used in U.K. Bingo games involves each player buying a strip of six tickets. Each one of them has three rows that have five numbers each. This 90ballmeans in the U.K. there are 15 numbers on each Bingo ticket. Players can then choose to play as little as one ticket and as many as six tickets. Those who possess a strip consisting of six tickets mark every number that the caller announces. Those who only have one ticket will have 6:1 odds that their numbers will be called. When one line is eliminated players move on to compete using their remaining lines. In the U.K. version of Bingo, when a player can mark every number on their ticket, that is called a full house. Those who play the game in the U.K. and the U.S. will find out that it is played at a faster rate in the U.K.

The 75 ball system used in U.S. Bingo games is much different. In the U.S. players have a separate Bingo card for each game. These cards feature one free space and include 24 numbers. Though people can play with more than one card they must play an entirely new card each time a new game is started. The numbers are called slower in the U.S. version than in the U.K. version. Each column of numbers falls under the letters that make up the word Bingo. In the U.S. patterns, including lines, have to be marked off before a player can declare themselves a winner of the game.

In both versions of Bingo each game can have multiple winners. If two separate players win the same game they split the prize money. It is split evenly between however many winning players there are per game. In the U.S. when a Bingo game involves having to mark off all the numbers on the card it is called a cover-all game, which is the equivalent of the full house.