The Positive Effects of Bingo on the Brain

Did you know that bingo is so much more than just a fun game? Taking part in bingo can have a very positive effect on your mental wellbeing, and there are many studies to back this up.

When you play bingo, you’re exercising your brain to boost your cognitive function and improve your memory, both of which have a lasting positive impact. The game also encourages healthy socialisation among players, and this can greatly benefit your overall mental health in the long term.

Improving Cognitive Function

If your brain needs a little boost, then playing bingo could be the ideal activity for you. Playing bingo can actually sharpen your mind, as evidenced by a 2002 study by researchers at the University of Southampton.

112 people were surveyed, and divided into two groups: 18 to 40 and 60 to 82. In each group, half of the players were told to play bingo every day for a few hours while the others were told not to play at all. It was revealed that the participants who played bingo showed more mental agility than those who avoided the game. All groups were put to certain tasks that tested their cognitive functions, and those who played bingo outperformed the others.

The skills required to play bingo, such as hand-eye coordination and memory recollection, decline as you get older. Bingo requires you to actively use these skills and keep them fresh, so many researchers and health professionals recommend playing the game to keep your mind alert.

Reduced Risk of Dementia

In fact, playing bingo and other board games has been found to reduce the risk of developing dementia. In a study by researchers at the Université Bordeaux Ségalen, it was discovered that individuals who play bingo can reduce their likelihood of being effected by this devastating condition.

The research involved 3675 individuals who had not been diagnosed with dementia. 32.2% of these participants reported playing board games bingo on a regular basis. In the 20-year follow-up, it was found that the risk of dementia was 15% lower in the individuals who played games regularly.

This is why you’ll find bingo is often played in retirement communities, and bingo halls tend to be filled with people over the age of 60. However, even though the game is popular among older individuals, that doesn’t mean that younger people can’t benefit from the brain boosting powers of bingo. By taking part in this game as a young adult, you can get a head start on keeping your brain active and improving your cognitive function in a fun and social way. 

Socialising and Making Friends


Meeting new people, making friends and engaging in social activities with your pals are all ways to improve your social life and improve your mental health. Bingo is an easy way to help you accomplish all of these things in order to ease mental illness and even prevent its development.

Whether you’re playing bingo at a brick-and-mortar venue or online, it is a very social game. Maintaining an active social life will make you a happier person overall, and taking part in games like bingo helps you do so. Studies have shown that people who live actively social lives have higher late-life satisfaction and reduced rates of depression and anxiety.

There are all sorts of bingo events that are designed to get you out of the house and interacting with your peers. Even if you’re not interested in visiting a bingo hall, there are many bars and pubs that host fun events such as drag queen bingo that put a new twist on this classic game.

Even when playing online, you can experience the social benefits of bingo. The game’s online communities are known to be thriving, as bingo chat rooms are full of friendly players who are eager to talk and get to known one another. Bingo operators work hard to foster a sense of community within their games, and many online bingo players have reported making friends in this environment. Having online friends is great for your social life, so don’t discount the benefits of engaging with others in the digital world.

A Game That Anyone Can Get Involved In


The great thing about bingo is that there is basically no learning curve. It’s a game that’s easy to understand, so anyone can jump right in. Other brain-boosting games Sudoku and Chess take quite a bit of practice to get used to, so it’s not uncommon for people to shy away from these activities.

Bingo, on the other hand, takes no practice whatsoever. You simply sit down at a table with your cards and markers, and get playing. There’s no need to feel self-conscious about your skill level, so you can enjoy playing bingo from the get-go. Individuals who are seeking out a new way to benefit their mental wellbeing can easily get involved in bingo games and enjoy themselves without worrying whether or not they will succeed. Of course, it’s always nice to win a prize, but there’s no shame in losing while playing this game of luck.

If you’re looking for a new activity to enjoy in your spare time, why not consider bingo? You can play this game either online or in-person so, even if you’re too busy to go out, you can still take part in bingo games using your mobile phone or tablet. There are also some great alternatives to classic bingo that you can engage in with your friends, so keep an eye out on local listings to find a unique bingo twist that piques your interest.


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