Which Bingo Side Games are Worth Playing?

Not only are you going to find every possible type of bingo game variant you could ever want to play, when playing bingo online or for that matter when using one of the many bingo apps, but each of them will also be offering you a range of side games too.

Now, those side games are all going to be casino themed games, and there will often be a sprinkling of scratch card games on offer to you too.

If you do ever fancy trying out those side games, which to be fair is very easy to do, as they will launch into the bingo room you are playing in, then you do need to be aware of which games are going to be offering you the very high paybacks.  We recommend playing at one of Gamesys Group’s sites – two of our favourites are Virgin Games and Starspins.

Those side games are not going to be distracting you when you are playing bingo either, for as the software each bingo site uses will dab off all numbers called, and will keep track of your cards for you automatically, and will also call bingo for you if you win, then you can get double the excitement and double the winning chances when playing those side games alongside your chosen bingo game.

What I want to do below is to give you a few pointers as to just which games will be worth playing based on the pay-out percentages and the house edges that are on offer on each of them.

So please do read on and when the day arrives you fancy trying out any bingo side games, you will be able to make a much more informed decision as to just which ones you should be playing.

Playing Slot Machines at a Bingo Site


You could rattle through a very large number of spins when playing slot machines in any playing environment, including when you play them at a bingo site, so first and foremost always be aware that they can make a massive dent in your gambling budget if you choose to play them and the reels are not spinning your way.

Having said that though each slot machine will be offering players a different type of variance, which in layman’s terms is simply the level of risk attached to each slot.

If you want to play slot machines at any bingo sites as side games and want to get plenty of lower valued winning spins spinning in, look out for the lower variance slots which offer lower valued jackpots and tend to trigger their bonus games and bonus games much more frequently.

The RTP or as it is also known the pay-out percentages of each slot machine is also something you will need to familiarise yourself with.

Slot machines that for example have a pay-out percentage of higher than 96% are going to pau you back out a much higher percentages of your stake money as winning pay-outs over the long term than a slot game that has been set with a pay-out percentage lower than 96%.

When playing progressive slot machines always keep in mind a percentage of your stake money is feeding the jackpot pools, and your chances of winning a life changing progressive slot game jackpots are very, very low!

Best Casino Themed Bingo Side Games

Card and table games often found in a casino venue or site are also going to be made available to you when you do set about playing bingo online, and it is the house edge that each game has been designed around that will ultimately determine whether those games are worth playing alongside your chosen bingo game variants.

Take for example the game of roulette, there are several different variants of that game and it will be the variants on which there is just one single zero attached to them that offer you the best winning chances as opposed to the double zero variants.

The house edge of a casino game if you are blissfully unaware is the amount of each bet the casino is expected to win from players over the long-term operation of any card or table casino game.

European Roulette for example has a house edge of 2.70%, but the double zero American Roulette game has a much higher house edge due to the additional double zero ball well, and that house edge is 5.26%.

Blackjack games also have a very low house edge too, so they are going to be far better games to play than for example the casino poker card games which always tend to have a much higher house edge attached to them.

Also, try and avoid placing any side bets that card and table casino games offer, as those side bets whilst offering high potential winning pay-outs come with much higher house edges than the base game itself.

Scratch Card Games at Bingo Sites

cops and robbers scratchcard

As for just which scratch cards you should be making a beeline to play at any bingo sites or bingo apps you have chosen to play at or on, well there will be a good mix of them, and they will all come with a different theme.

One handy feature is the clear all or reveal option on those scratch card games which will automatically scratch off each of the panels on them, as opposed for example to you having to click your mouse over each panel and manually scratch off each panel.

I would urge you to try out the scratch card games that offer more than one game on them, for by doing so you will naturally increase your chances of winning, but do make sure you look up the pay-out percentages and winning chances each card will be offering you, as they can vary.

Keep in mind too that when playing such games, you will always be in control of the stake levels you can play them for, and it will be the cards that offer much lower valued jackpot pay-outs and other listed cash prizes that will be the lower risk ones.

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David writes for numerous online gambling publications and is always on top of the latest breaking news for the gambling industry. Having played online bingo for a number of years he has a serious depth of knowledge which helps him to provide the best information to players. You can contact him by sending an email to david@thebingoblogger.com.

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