Celebrity Bingo Players

Bingo is such a popular game that even celebrities enjoy playing it. Though they don’t need the money they play for their love of the game. Many U.K. stars count Bingo among their favorite pastime activities.

Eccentric celebrity Vic Reeves is a huge fan of Bingo. As a huge Bingo fan he is the spokesperson for the 888Ladies, an online Bingo venture. The advertising campaign for 888Ladies consists of Vic making sure he is home alone before getting dressed in drag in order to play with the other ladies.

Pop star Robbie Williams is also well-known for being an avid Bingo fan. He entered a competition in Hollywood that involved a game of Bingo. As a result he won a handbag made of leopard skin and donating to charity in order to support research for breast cancer. Middlesbrough football team member David Wheater often plays Bingo with his girlfriend.

Gala Bingo is proud to have Sharon Osborne as their spokesperson. In advertisements for the company she is too busy playing bingo to live her lifestyle as a celebrity. Denise Van Outen is also a huge fan of Bingo that frequents Bingo halls throughout the U.K.

British comedian Ricky Tomlinson, famous for playing The Royle Family’s Jim Royle, has even released an interactive Bingo game on DVD. He voices the game’s various Bingo callers and brings a unique style to each of the game’s five callers.

Bingo is such a powerful game in the U.K. that even members of the royal family enjoy playing it. Prince William has been spotted spending five pounds on Bingo games. The queen herself is also a fan of Bingo, though her playing habits are kept very private.

The step-mother of U.S. President Barack Obama is also said to be an avid Bingo player. Since President Obama’s step-mother is such a fan of the game that there are bingo cards appearing online that are tied in with the President’s speeches. Bingo cards contain phrases and words he may say during a speech and those words are marked on the Bingo card when he says them.

U.S. movie star Russell Crowe is also a huge fan of Bingo. Before he became a celebrity he even worked as a Bingo caller but was let go for uses phrases considered inappropriate for the game. When Russell Crowe is traveling for work he can be found in local Bingo halls.

With so many celebrities showing such as interest in Bingo it is not surprising that the game has grown so much in popularity in recent years. This game is played by people living all over the world and each country has its own take on the game.